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Miles2Smile Foundation
Miles2Smile Foundation

Mehrauli 2024

Whether by Hook or by Crook, Happiness Finds Us

A ten-year-old boy from Nuh, Haryana, named Asif, lives in a modest home with his huge family of eight. Even at a young age, Asif has taken on responsibilities that surpass his years. Five months ago, he moved into a madarsa to pursue his education, leaving behind the comforts of home.

Asif’s parents’ employment at the wheat mill helps to ease some of their day-to-day hardships. Every extra set of hands helps in their dire situation, even if it means feeding one less mouth at home.

Asif strives in spite of his difficulties. At the madarsa, he reads the Qaida with dedication and finds peace in the passages he learns. Even in the face of everyday struggles, he finds delight in small pleasures such as rasgulla and Muradabadi biryani. “I’m a big fan of apple juice,” Asif mentions. He spends most of his time at the madarsa with Oman, adding that Oman loves mango juice.

Asif expresses gratitude for his new life at the madarsa, but he also feels a pang of sadness for their previous home, which was destroyed, leaving them with nothing. Nevertheless, he remains appreciative of what they still possess.

During the demolition, Asif lost most of his clothes in the demolition, and had nothing warm to put on. After shifting to another madarsa, he is out of sorts and recalls the ease of life at Bahrul Uloom. “We had a contented life in our Madarsa. For me, it was a home, and I was happy with the essentials it offered. I have lost my home, I miss it,” Asif declares.Asif aspires to overcome his surroundings and become a Hafiz and an Aalimn. He sees Miles2Smile as an ally in his pursuit of knowledge, hoping that with our assistance, his aspirations will come true.

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