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Dawood’s Transformation Journey

Another story that made it to the highlights of the Miles2Smile Foundation is the story of Dawood, a young, enthusiastic individual who had a flair for studies, but the unfortunate events of his life snatched it away from him.

On an unfortunate day, from the terrace of their home, Dawood and his family witnessed the sudden eruption of flames—the flame of Delhi Pogrom 2020.

The heavy clouds of the flames snatched away the rain of his life and his studies.Being torn away from his beloved books made Dawood heartbroken and devastated; his life became dull and dusky.

Amid the blaze that consumed shops and buildings near Dawood’s place and the violence that engulfed the surroundings, his father sought admission for the child in a government school, only to realise that the deadlines had elapsed. 

Dawood was broken again; his dreams were snatched again, but his life took a beautiful turn when the Miles2Smile Foundation intervened swiftly and planted roses on his bed.

Miles2Smile Foundation enrolled him in its relief school, Sunrise Public School. It is  based in Loni that helps hundreds of Dawoods plant the seeds of their dreams and aims for fruit based on the school’s curriculum.

Dawood’s life after Miles2Smile

At Sunrise Public School, the prism of his life is colourful. He has found his best friend in his books. 

With the assistance of his school teachers, he augments his knowledge and uplifts his skills. He learns science and explores the universe both within and outside of himself.

Dawood could often be seen sitting under the trees of his school, with birds chirping around him and adding melody to his dreams. He could be seen with a pen in his hand and a book on his lap, crafting stories that would resonate with the masses.

Alongside his studies, he participates in extracurricular activities and learns the practicality of life.His unwavering dedication has helped him clear his high school examination, and he’ll further continue his studies with the support of the Miles2Smile Foundation.

Not only this, Dawood rotates the skewers of his spiral potatoes shop provided by Miles2Smile and wins bread for his family thereby, helping them in meeting both the ends. 

The crowd that he sees in front of his stall during dusk adds meaning to his life. The hero of his story, father Noor Alam imparts motivation to make his life purposeful. Dawood drives his daily dose of dedication from the support of his father

Dawood’s younger brother, Zubair, is also a student at Sunrise Public School. Like his brother, he is focused and dreams of achieving big things in life. 

On seeing her brothers attending their alma mater, Sarah, their younger sister, insists on going to school. Her interest and excitement have made her way towards the threshold of Sunrise Public School; she will be a nursery student in the upcoming academic year.

Their mother, Warisha, works at ‘Sabaat’, a place to empower women. It was incorporated by Miles2Smile and Shaagird, where she also learns how to speak English and Urdu. “I am learning English and Urdu,” said Warisha.

Warisha is elated to see her children transform into what she has always craved. 

The Miles2Smile Foundation wishes them a happy life ahead!

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