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From Darkness To Sunrise: Armaan’s Story Of Resilience

Armaan faced adversity in life, but he emerged as an epitome of happiness. He entered the door of Miles2Smile after a horrific incident that traumatized him to the core. But, he learnt how to find happiness again. 

 Armaan holds stories that are shocking enough to rip one’s heart and shake the universe.He lost his father when he was a 3-year-old tender-hearted kid, he was naive enough to comprehend the lynching of his father, Jamal Uddin. You read it right, his father was lynched in the Delhi Pogrom 2020.

He thought his life would always be episodes of mixed emotions and constant apprehensions. Contrary to this, it  took a U-turn, and  he woke up from the slumber of sadness, the sun of his life rose again, casting its bright rays upon him.

He named this sun of his life  as ‘Sunrise Public School’, a place that was incorporated by the Miles2Smile & Shaagird Foundation to help the children that are deprived of their education. Armaan got enrolled in the school, and he found happiness again. He is a seven-year-old enthusiastic kid in grade 1 now  and loves to draw when he finds himself free.

At Sunrise, he explores new things and lives a life meant for his age. He reads English alphabet with excitement and wins hearts. His laughter echoes through the quiet corridors of the school and lights up the entire building. 

His diminutive feet kick the football with his best friend Ibrahim, and he envisions becoming a footballer. His mischievous persona is what makes him unique. Sunrise Public School and the Miles2Smile are healing his scars that they didn’t give him. His school has become a place for him to embrace the reality of life and laugh out of his heart.

The past of his life has vanished somewhere, and the colours of life have conquered a place in his palette. With the assistance of the Miles2Smile he’s living a life of beautiful shades and hues.

The Miles2Smile wishes the best to Armaan!

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