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Celebrating Iftar with Children, No Bumps or Cracks will Stop us

While everyone in the office was occupied with their work, a rush of activity erupted as hundreds of food sacks were carried in, intensifying the work situation. Nonetheless, amidst the

Mohammad Haris Mohammad Haris

Gloomy days to Brighter Ones, Story of Qasim 

In the pattern of normal life, amidst days of worry and happiness—where people work tirelessly to return home to their families—such was the life of Mohammad Qasim, a resident of


One Step at a Time: A Mother Who Restarted Her Education 

Another story is unveiled from the suffering of a family during the horrific events of the Delhi riots in 2020. From the terrace of their home, Dawood and his family


Whether by Hook or by Crook, Happiness Finds Us

A ten-year-old boy from Nuh, Haryana, named Asif, lives in a modest home with his huge family of eight. Even at a young age, Asif has taken on responsibilities that


From the Dust of Demolition to Dawn, Shoaib Fights

Shoaib is a lively 17-year-old from Mathura, a small town. He has been residing in the madrasa's halls for the past eight years, where his educational journey has taken shape.


Peace to Haseena, Rujdaar Collects Strength to Continue His Fight

Without due legal and formal process of home ownership, many urban poor lack access to basic facilities and face a number of vulnerabilities. One such family is Haseena. In the


A Roof for a Hopeful Future

A quest for better livelihood is what drives many migrants to the cities. Siphat was no different. Along with his family, Siphat traveled far from a remote village to Sakras


Giving Warmth to Oman’s Tender Feet

Oman is eight years old and lives in East Delhi. Over the last four months, his life has taken a strange turn as he has become accustomed to the atmosphere


‘Sabaat’: Assistance to Her Resilience

Numerous resilient women, reflecting their inner strength, gathered at the Sabaat stitching center in north-east Delhi. This center has been supporting these women, who have endured the trials of the


She Never Quit: The Tale of Courage and Resilience

The residents of Muzaffarnagar found themselves grappling with a tragedy that unfolded during the riots of 2013. The violence claimed the lives of nearly 62 individuals throughout the district, with