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Restoring Livelihood

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Shaukat (Jamaluddin's son) embraces the newfound hope amidst the aftermath of violence

On a peaceful Friday afternoon, Jamaluddin’s life turned upside down. His vegetable business, which he had been running for years to support his family, was vandalized and burnt down by Hindu Militants during the Ram Navami Shobha Yatra in Bihar Sharif, Nalanda. 

This is not an isolated incident but part of a distressing pattern of violence targeting Muslims during the Hindu festivals. From March 31 to April 1, 2023, several districts including Rohtas, Nalanda, Bhagalpur, Gaya, and Muzaffarpur were engulfed in turmoil. Perpetrators, chanting “Jai Shri Ram,” hurled petrol bombs at Muslim shops, fueling an atmosphere of absolute anarchy.

During the violence, Jamaluddin reported a significant loss which included his five carts but the true origins of the violence remain shrouded in ambiguity. According to state police, the chaos ensued following a heated exchange between Hindu and Muslim youth, a day prior on March 30, in Sasaram, a city six hours away from Bihar Sharif. .

Locals say that announcements urging Hindus to keep their shops closed on Friday circulated, allegedly, as the Bajrang Dal, a Hindu nationalist militant group, had obtained permission from the district administration to organize the Shobha Yatra on March 31, a day after Ram Navami.

An estimated crowd of 50,000 joined the procession despite the permission being granted for a maximum of 5000 people. Allegations suggest that this time the sloganeering of Hindu Precisionists was highly provocative, abusive, objectionable, and targeted at the appearance and faith of Muslims.

“Go to Pakistan,” “Babar’s children’s graves will be dug in India,” and “Your end is certain now,  were the derogatory chants renting the air in Biharsharif

The aftermath of the violent incident left Jamaluddin and his family devastated. Dejected, he was wailing at the loss. It’s difficult to comprehend a person’s mental state after such a tragic loss.

Jalaluddin and his sons made a meagre income by selling vegetables and fruits near the Murarpur Mosque Compound. The carts that they relied on to transport and sell their produce were reduced to charred remnants, along with all their vegetables worth thousands of rupees.

As Jamaluddin stood among the ruins, tears streamed down his face

Their vegetable business, which had been their only source of income, was completely destroyed. Jalaluddin was devastated not knowing from where he will feed his family. When Miles2Smile visited the violence-affected area, he met us and recounted his harrowing experiences.

Seeing his situation, Miles2Miles responded quickly and was able to successfully transfer Rs 1.5 lakhs within a week from the fundraiser. The financial support breathed life back into his shattered business.

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