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A Step Above the Rest

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Asmaul Husnara is an 8 years old sweet girl who lives at a Rohingya settlement camp in Nuh. She has 2 younger siblings. A 7 years old sister named Humaira and a little brother Mohammad Hassan who is just 10 months old. Their Father Asgar Ali is a daily wage worker and their mother Ismat Aara is a housewife.

Asmaul Husnara used to go to a nearby government school where she learned some of her favourite poems
like hathi raja bade bade, machchli jaal ki rani hai, etc. She loves to recite these poems in her sweet voice. Whenever we meet her, she recites all the poems in unison with her friends in front of us.

Asma is very fond of playing hide and seek. Asma’s family came here 2 years ago from Bangladesh. They faced a lot of disorders in their life before settling here in a camp and even after coming here one or the other issues keep rising. Miles2Smile Foundation’s main concern is to grant relief to these kids and families in all possible ways. After the fire breakout incident in December in which they lost everything, we provided all the essentials and also built a smile home for Asmaul Husnara’s family. We also built a learning center there to provide quality education to these kids. The education of these innocent and curious kids is our prime concern after their rehabilitation. Like her favourite game of Hide and Seek we want to encourage Asma to find all the hidden happiness of her life as well.

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