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Teaching With Care, Not Cane

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  • For students of madrasa Taleem-ul-Quran, the classroom has become a happier place after mainstream subjects and child-centric teaching and learning methodologies were introduced as part of the Miles2Smile's Project Taleem.

Children without parents are the most vulnerable people in the world.

Muhammad Noorul-Islam was just a toddler when he lost both of his parents in the Rohingya genocide in 2017. He was rescued by his uncle and brought to a safer land along with his one elder brother & two sisters. 

His uncle had to support himself and his family as well as these three children alone, with absolutely no source of income, and they were all homeless.  The bereaved young kids were left oppressed and miserable.  They had to rely on the assistance and provisions given to them by others. 

 A year ago, Miles2Smile foundation learnt about the plight of Muhammad Noorul-Islam and his three siblings. The children were severely malnourished. Miles2Smile tried desperately to save them from their misery.

The pain of losing parents is the most distressing and harrowing for any child. Nothing in the world can ever take away that heartache, but efforts to help create possibilities and opportunities for them might alleviate it somewhat. 

It’s inspiring for us to see how a young boy who had experienced neglect as a child developed into a self-motivated person who now values all the comforts Miles2Smile could bring in his life.

Apart from excelling in Quran study at Madarsa Imam-ul-Bukhari, Nurul Islam also attends Kulsum Sayani learning center – where he learns Hindi, English, and Maths & participates in various competitions & games. Through these activities, Nurul has managed to secure a good living for himself without resorting to begging or stealing.

Kindly contribute to  our Hafiz Sponsorship Program and help us illuminate more children like Nurul Islam with the light of the Holy Quran. 

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