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Talent Resides Everywhere, Opportunity Doesn’t

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Of the most valuable things we can give our children is the gift of education, and what better way than to give decent Islamic education? However, many young boys don’t receive a quality religious education.

 Mohammad Nabi, Hailing from such a perspective, where he lost his father at the tender age of three, along with his brother and one elder sister. The bereaved young boy was left miserable with his widowed mother, as they left their homeland in Myanmar. For the past few years, these vulnerable mother-son duo were relying on the assistance and provisions given to them by others. “Often, my mother would emotionally collapse, which started deteriorating her health badly. There was no one to look after our needs,” says Nabi.

 However, Mohammad Nabi grew up to be a very intelligent and enthusiastic boy. He was nine-years-old when his hafiz sponsorship came from Miles2Smile. He started his Hifz course simultaneously alongside his primary school education. The gap in his education meant that he had a great deal of catching up to do. However,  it’s refreshing to know that he quickly excelled in his class with his great potential. 

Mohammad Nabi is looking forward to pursuing an Alim (Islamic scholar) education full time. Sponsorship covers the expenses of the madrasa where he stays. It pays for his clothing, schoolbooks, stationery and even basic medical care. Mohammad Nabi’s confidence and zest for life have been restored once again.  

60 Rs a day can make so much difference to a child’s future. Your donation for hafiz sponsorship goes towards food, safety, education, healthcare, privacy, clothing, and even annual gifts for the child . 

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