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The 2020 North-East Delhi pogrom took away the sight of happiness from thousands of people.

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The 2020 North-East Delhi pogrom took away the sight of happiness from thousands of people. The incident being shadowed by the violent episodes of the Delhi pogrom not only left the victims heart-wrecked and anomalous but also caused vehement annihilation to their spirits and confidence. The families lost their members in a slight moment of heat and even the aftermath of the pogrom cost the livelihoods of numerous people. One such heart-pouring story is of Anas, a 12-year-old boy living in Loni, Ghaziabad.

His happiness came to an end when his father, a bakery goods seller and the only breadwinner of the family, was killed by the ruthless violence of rioters during the 2020 Delhi riots. The incident took place on the 27th of February when Jamaluddin was returning on receiving information about the looting and burning of his home by the mob during the violence.

The havoc took place when Jamaluddin went for attending his niece’s wedding in Farrukhabad. In an interview with our team, Jamaluddin’s brother-in-law told, “He went to attend his niece‚Äôs wedding on 24th February in the town of Farrukhabad when he was informed about the vandalizing and looting of his home.

On hearing the news, he hurried to Ghaziabad on 27th February and was heavily injured by the mob even before seeing his wretched abode.” The rioters didn’t even tell the cause of such ruthlessness, they just started beating him after hearing his name. Soon, he was hospitalized and died after five days of excruciating pain, as remorse by his wife Najees. Jamaluddin is survived by his wife and four sons, namely, Anas, Asad, Ayan and Arman.

The eldest son Anas who has now to shoulder the responsibilities of his family, has been enrolled in our Sunrise Education School, by the applauding efforts of our volunteers. Anas who is now in 8th grade acknowledges his responsibility as the eldest male of the family and is keen to support his family at the earliest. His favourite subject is Maths and he aspires to become a pilot.

Our school staff is supporting Anas in weaving his feathers in the seventh sky and live with freedom and dignity. The importance of education has been inculcated in Anas since he first attended our school and knows that the condition of his family can get better only with the tool of education.

We, under our Shaagird initiative, not only only providing Anas and his brothers with the boon of education but also rehabilitated his family and provided them with basic household appliances.

We are also providing his younger brothers, Asad, Ayan, and Arman with opportunities to build their future and support their ailing mother. They are constantly thriving and dream to become doctor and social worker, so as to curtail the ailments of society.

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