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Glitter of Hope

Obaid-ur-Rehman, 10, is a Rohingya refugee and a student at our Madarsa. Obaid expresses gratitude to the kind supporters who assisted him in completing hifz .

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  • The dire situations made it difficult for him to dream. If reality is so horrible then how can one dream?

10-year-old Obaid-ur-Rahman has two brothers. But Ubaid is special, as he has memorized the Qur’an completely (Hifz) at such a tender age.

Before enrolling into our program, Ubaids’s father was struggling to meet the daily needs of the family and also give his sons a good education & upbringing. Selling fruit on a food cart is his father’s only source of income. Owing to the poor circumstances, his father couldn’t send his sons to school despite their talents, dreams, and a keen desire to learn.

On one fortunate day, Obaid’s father came to know about Miles2smile’s Hafiz sponsorship programme through one of the program trainees. Upon realizing that it was a ray of hope for his sons, he enrolled Obaid at our Madarsa. Obaid could never have imagined that he could get so much more than Qur’anic education through his sponsorship. In addition to doing free Hifz and also completing his elementary education, he received a roof over his head, routine meals, clothing, psychosocial support and an opportunity to grow in a learning environment that would help him & his family gain a brighter future.

Miles2Smile’s Hafiz sponsorship program is a glitter of hope that changed my life


Mohammad Obaid has memorized the entire Quran while pursuing a primary school education. He is studious and never fails to demonstrate intelligence and a keen resolve.

By acquiring light and hope through Miles2smile’s Hafiz Sponsorship Program, he challenged difficulty and is positive about the future. His dream is to “take care of his brothers and father and to protect their life and dignity.

I’m grateful to my generous donors who helped me in doing hifz,” says thankful Obaid. 

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