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My Mother is My Hero

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  • Mother is happy and says if I study well and get a good job, she will not have to work.

So eager is this little girl to ease the burden of her mother that she has already promised to work very hard and she does so. She goes to school every day and finishes all her work on time. Nasra’s father passed away when she was only 2, leaving it for her mother to shoulder the responsibility of raising their three children. She has a brother Rehan, younger than her and two elder sisters in her family. 

Her mother along with her sisters weave beautiful bags, belts and other home decor with fabric, pearls and sequins. They work hard to bring in money for the family, but on some days when the demand is low, it causes them severe disappointment. 

Her family however learned to adjust to whatever they had. My mother would often tell me that we cannot have all that we wish for and it is okay,” says Nasra.

In spite of the many challenges and difficulties, the family faces daily, her mother knows that providing her children with a quality education is the only option for the family to escape the cycle of poverty and lead a better life. 

We enrolled Nasra at our relief school only this year. It was through her friends that her mother learnt about the school being run by ‘Shaagird’ and ‘Miles2Smile’ foundation. 

Nasra was initially very shy and reserved but she is now growing confident with continued support from her teachers. Apart from conventional education, her teachers focus on interactive and creative exercises to engage students and make learning a fun experience.

Nasra says her favorite play activity is skipping rope. She is the most adorable girl in her class. She aspires to make her career in sports. Nasra is lively and a happy-go-lucky child despite her family is battling many challenges in life.

 All of our efforts are made possible only because of your support !

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