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Story of Zeba

The eight-year-old Zeba was made to drop out of school by her parents. However, through the Shaagird initiative, she got the opportunity to get an education

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  • Having survived the traumas of Northeast Delhi pogrom and the economical disadvantages, Zeba and her sisters got alienated from the gift of education.

The story of Zeba is an inspiring one. Her courage and determination has attracted us many a times.

Zeba comes from a family which has witnessed numerous tragedies in their lives, but the flame of learning inside Zeba never blew away.

Zeba’s mother remains often unwell, and her father Zakir works in a medical shop, earning only rupees five-thousand a month. More than half of his earnings are drained out in the medical treatment of Zeba’s mother. And with what remains month’s proceedings become difficult, leaving the family in hand to mouth condition.

I study at Sunrise Public School. And I like being here a lot.

But Zeba’s unwavering determination and desire to learn encouraged her to borrow books from friends and continue studying at home. After successfully passing 2nd grade from a government primary, she was asked to do the household chores to support her ailing mother. Her determination was spotted by one of our mobilizers who had a hard time persuading Zeba’s father, who had previously been adamantly opposed to his daughter’s education. Her father was counseled by our staff about the importance of girls’ education in modern times and how education plays a pertinent role even in domestic responsibilities.

Our mobilizer advised her parents to enroll Zeba and her sisters in Sunrise Public School, which is sponsored by the Shaagird foundation and provides free education to all underprivileged children.

Fortunately, the persuasion led to the enrolment of Zeba at our school. Having studied in the government school till 2nd class, Zeba could not clear the admission test, hence was placed in grade one.

However, she is a jovial and a really ambitious girl who regularly attends her classes now and also manages to help her mother in the household chores.

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