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The Light of a Helping Hand

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Roshni was married to a cart puller. She lived in a family of five including her and had three children. She was sustaining on the small income she received from her husband. Life was not furnished with comfort for Roshni but they were surviving on whatever they could manage to earn. 

It was a normal day for Roshni and her family. She woke up and went to make the morning tea for her husband. Breakfast was a luxury for the family so she gave the leftover chapati which she saved from the previous night’s dinner. 

Roshni was drinking tea with her husband. She too was feeling hungry but did not have anything else to quell her hunger. Arman, her eldest son, and his two younger siblings also drank the tea along with a packet of Parle G biscuit which was an affordable choice for them. This was the only meal the family shared together before their house was bulldozed and devastated. 

Roshni saw a bulldozer parked outside her house. She lived in the Khaskhaswadi area of Khargone. The houses here were destroyed through bulldozers by the state officials on the accusations that they were built illegally. 

The sun was scorching outside and it was a humid day. Roshni and her family were protected from the heat because of the roof above their head. Now, the family has lost this shield as well. 

When Miles2Miles visited Roshni, she described in detail about the day when her abode was demolished. The officials who came with bulldozers did not allow Roshni to take water bottles. She pleaded with them to allow her since it was a humid day and she had her three children to look after but they did not pay any heed to her pleading. Roshni also asked them to let the children wear slippers. However, the children had to leave their home barefoot. Roshni’s husband took off his shirt and laid it on the ground to protect the fragile feet of his kids from the burning ground. 

As the children’s source of security was being destroyed, Roshni ran inside to take the Quran. She was able to grasp it but the officials hit her and she injured her knee badly. It is hard to imagine Roshni’s plight as she saw her home getting destroyed. She knew that she did not have anything else to rebuild her house again. Seeing her situation, Miles2Miles responded quickly and was able to successfully accumulate 3 lakh rupees for Roshni. 

Although the help was monetary, it brought back the smile on Roshni’s face as she ceaselessly thanked all those who helped her in her pitiful situation. After receiving the donation, Roshni decided to close the old wounds and move forward in life for herself and her family. The collective help she received from Miles2smile restored her faith in the positivity of life compelling her to leave the traumatic memories behind. 

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