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Reclaiming smiles lost in the violence

The eve of Ram Navmi soaked the family of Abdul Malik in sorrow and depredation.

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The eve of Ram Navmi soaked the family of Abdul Malik in sorrow and depredation. There are five members in his family that comprise one mentally challenged sister, his wife and his elderely parents who incurred collateral financial loss and still suffers from the trauma of violence that unfolded on the day of Ram Navami celebration, when Hindutva bigots ran amok.

Abdul lived in a small village named Kukdol which was in proximity to Khargone. His house was attacked by the rioters on the frightful night of 10th April. The rioters charged at Abdul’s family because of a fake whatsapp rumor that they were giving refuge to some people. They wrecked havoc on his house, plundering and destroying it just because of a suspicious rumor. 

The mob also attacked his family while throwing religious slurs at them. They also tried to touch Abdul’s sister; and when Abdul sought to push them away, the entire mob pounced at him at once. 

It was indeed a tragic and dreadful time for the family. Abdul’s father began to recite the Kalma as he thought that the mob won’t let them live. Although all the family members survived, the trauma engraved in their minds will take a long time to fully heal. 

Hum bilkul aakhri stage par the ki ab hum bas marjayenge” (I thought I was going to die)- Abdul’s Father. 

When Miles2Miles visited Abdul’s family, they were still filled with despair and hopelessness as their house was devastated. Finding the source of their comfort and security in shambles was equivalent to a catastrophe. They did not have the financial strength to build it again. 

Miles2Miles provided them financial assistance of 3 lakh rupees to build their house again and use it to meet their needs. Our contribution brought a smile on their melancholic faces and were happy to reclaim these smiles and hope that it can heal their trauma. 

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