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“I had put years of hard work in starting my shop”, Mohsin

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Mohsin is a resident of the Khaskhaswadi locality in the Khargone district. He earned his livelihood from a small shop where he used to sell various electronic gadgets and devices to make a small income. He is 28 years old and has worked hard for a long time to maintain his shop to meet the two ends. With the small business he had established, it was natural that Mohsin faced many difficulties in making it successful.

Now, that he was enjoying knowing and seeing some familiar customers from his neighborhood and
had developed a good relationship with them over the past few years, his shop was demolished by the government in the wee hours of an anti-encroachment drive carried out on April 11, 2022.

Unfortunately, he was unaware of the shop being built in an “unauthorized way.” It was in April, immediately after the violent clashes in the Khargone area when the government decided to hold an anti-encroachment drive. Numerous people were rendered homeless, and several others saw their livelihood being demolished with levelled buildings where they maintained their shops. Most of them were low-income and encountered several problems recuperating from this shock. 

Mohsin, too lost his shop that day. When the officials devastated his shop, he had stock that amounted to around 1.5 to 2 lac. As he had no alternate source of earning, Mohsin could not think of any way to revive his business from scratch. It appeared that life had closed all doors for him.

When Miles2Miles visited Mohsin, he told us that the police troops came without prior notice or warning. He said that his shop was not under any scrutiny. Mohsin was unable to take out his inventory before his shop was demolished. On that sad day, Mohsin lost not only his shop but all the gadgets and devices he used to sell. He had nothing left to think of rebuilding his shop. 

Mohsin has been in that area for a while now. He had stabilized his small shop and had put efforts to make good relationships with the customers who visited him.

Miles2Smile visited his pillaged shop and extended him an assistance of one-lakh rupee. With our help, he has restarted his business all over again.

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