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When Hate took away Kids’ Home

"Mai toh ghar se be-ghar hogayi sir. Kahan Jaungi mai baccho ko lekar chote chote." (I've become homeless, sir. Where will I take my kids now?)

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“Mai toh ghar se be-ghar hogayi. Kahan Jaungi mai baccho ko lekar chote chote.” (I’ve become homeless, sir. Where will I take my kids now?)

These are the words of Salma Bi, as she described her ordeal and the tragedy that had befallen her. Salma Bi was profusely sobbing, unable to control her tears, as life had tested her in the worst way possible by snatching the roof above her head. When we reached Salma’s house, it was entirely in shambles.

The bricks were piling on each other, and practically everything in the house was burnt. She had not only lost the roof above her children’s heads but also her belongings.

Being a widow, Salma Bi had no male member to support her financially and rebuild her house. She has two little kids and a mother-in-law to look after. She lives in Sanjay Nagar area in Khargone, Madhya Pradesh.

Salma Bi lost her house to a devastating fire that was started due to the communal clashes in Khargone on April 10. As the two communities clashed and violence erupted in the district, numerous people like Salma suffered from the consequences of the incident.

In a few hours, life turned entirely upside-down for Salma Bi. She could have never imagined a similar tragedy and found it difficult to hope that life would ever get better for her.

For a mother, the comfort and safety of her children come first. Salma, too inconsolably, sobbed at the thought of not being able to provide a house for her innocent kids. “Mere chote chote bacche hai sir, mere bacche kahan rahenge” (My kids are little sir, where will they live now?). She was worried about their studies and how they would attend school. Having no financial savings to meet her needs, it was natural that she couldn’t talk without crying.

Communal clashes and hate crimes affect innocent people like Salma Bi. It is hard to imagine the mental state of Salma Bi and her children when they must have found their home burnt to the ground.

Miles2Smile tried to take away their misery and bring a smile to their faces. With the help of the donations we received, we were able to assist Salma Bi with Rs. 5 lahks to rebuild her house. Salma Bi was smiling ear to ear when she said, “Unhone humare vaastey madad kari thi toh hum yeh makaan banwaliya hai” (Miles2Smile visited us. With their help, we are rebuilding our house).

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